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UpLyvt is a smart wealth assistant that helps busy people through simple question-answers mechanism to manage wealth creation as well as automatically monitors their progress - all within one app and a few clicks.​​​​​​​
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In 2021, fintechs and neo-brokers have made investing accessible to the mass market, but primarily to a male-dominated and financial literate target group. Still 80% of Germans, mostly women, fail to build long-term wealth because they lack time, a personal plan and an overview of their wealth status.

After years of working for various financial institutions, startups and corporates, me and my co-founder Alexa Cotiaux wondered why there is not a digital tool for wealth creation, that addresses especially woman in order to close the gender investing and gender pension gap.

Most screens in this case study are from our Beta App Version, which is implemented low-code in Glide. Due to the constraints of this platform, there are various limitations in UI and UX, which does not reflect my claim to quality.

Finding access to a critical and heard-to-reach audience
We had the idea for Uplyvt at the beginning of our parental leave. During this time, we wanted to validate strategies and concepts to reach the women who the financial institutions and big fintechs have not been able to reach so far. Our ambitions were to create a foundation for an evolving business to later take it to the next level.  

Current products on the market:
... are time-consuming and costintensive
... mostly don´t serve female life-maps and preferences 
.. do not take into account the financial situation spread across too many accounts

Our high level questions for the start:
How can we give woman more control over their time and money?
Can we make wealth management fast and easy, everytime and everywhere?
Can we create a life-long digital companion,
which enables women to become financial independent?

Picking up the pieces
At the beginning we only had a vague understanding of problem and our mission. In order to become more concrete we collected market data and conducted quantitative and qualitative research with over 50 woman who differed greatly in profiles in terms of financial literacy status and routines.

early insights
We started our early exploration deliberately broad in order to illuminate the problem from all perspectives. Our goals were to understand women's perspectives and approaches to finance and identify the main blockers.
Product iterations

Early on, we wanted to find the grade of automation and manually adjustments over the course of user´s lifetime. We tested various concepts in order to make finance management suitable for everyday use. It was important to understand the different potentials of autonomous finance. Therefore we collected several hypothesis in a backlog and started testing these. 
We quickly understood that a goal-based approach didn't work, since users felt with this fixed structure no help but rather a blockage in decision-making. The category approved more flexibility in first user session. That's why we implemented it low-code in Glide and made it available to our waitlist user for testing as a Close Beta Version. 

Early explorations of app structures 

Partly useflows of category based app

Key findings
women expectations change over time

As we delved deeper into the problem, it became clearer that women expected the app to just work with minimal effort. With longer app usage, the desire for automation was noticeable, even if users wanted to keep control over everything at the same time.
In the customer journey, we identified a massive drop in engagement, which prevents women from staying with their wealth creation in the long term. So we needed to find a metric and mechanism to increase stickyness and engagement.

A map of the user journey broken into three phases: forming the financial plan, executing and continuing it.

FUN* is our north star, that is showing users if they are on track.

We created this playful metric because we found out, that most people commit to action if they feel a certain level of motivation or urgency if they see the consequences. The FUN is an extrapolation of the needed net value in the future for financial independence.
With the decision to have the financial independence number as north star as the core of the product, we were also able to clearly define our vision:
A fully integrated and AI-powered wealth management solution where users get their peace of mind and needed top-level information to make smart decision to stay on track for becoming financial independent.

your personal wealth creathor
In an age where everything is demanding your time, UpLyvt gives your time back by making wealth management fast, effortless and easy. UpLyvt plots out your best and most efficient financial route — informing you in ways that are understandable and actionable.
In order to gain fast traction and validate our main hypothesis we decided to develop our Beta App with Glide low-code. In our view, the time-to-market advantage was significantly higher than the disadvantage of the limitations we had with UX und UI with this implementation. With the low-code Beta app we could test the main use flows, engagement and willingness to pay.

Screens from our Beta App, developed in Glide

Get an overview of your investments and insurances with the UpLyvt. Follow easily follow the performance and check at any time with real-time projections what you will later lack for your financial independence.
Build your ETF portfolio in less than 10 minutes
Start right away with our simple question-and-answer process, even without prior knowledge. The smart UpLyvt algorithm facilitates decision-making through top-level information and helps you to select easily investments and determine the right allocation.
track progress and get personalized recommendations
Sit back and relax, because we keep an eye on the trends and developments in the capital markets. Receive regular personalized recommendations for action and constantly optimize your portfolio.
App launch​​​​​
(Beta version)
9 Mio. Euro assets under tracking
10% of users are willing to pay for premium
30%+ completion rate on personalized todo list

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