Saatchi for Deutsche Telekom 

Deutsche Telekom strived to streamline processes and digitalize materials with a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) for the sales department. 

3 months
Lead Product Designer & partially Product Manager (Freelance)

2 Designers, 1 PM, 1 Customer Support


Build a new Digital Asset Management System from scratch
Deutsche Telekom started a company wide initative in order to build a centralized hub all Marketing and Sale assets. The new Digital Asset Management system (DAM) should reduce production time and facilitate collaboration. An integrated task management should keep all stakeholders in the loop about their responsibilities and up to date about the process.

how we started
I started together with my team a comprehensive research:  
1. Talking to all stakeholders 
2. Analyzing current processes 
3. Scanning through the old assets data base. 

We developed a set of end goals for the project and made concrete plans how to achieve this goals. 
We sketched the workflow with the new DAM and made virtual walkthroughs with various test users in order to explore friction points. 
At the end of this phase we checked with a stakeholder matrix if all user needs were reflected in the product roadmap and prioritized by Feature score.

The one-stop-workspace
The new DAM stores and tracks all the assets in their different states of production - from planning over execution to publishing. A broad set of productivity features brings collaboration on another level.

Seamless tracking throughout the whole production process enhance transparency for all stakeholders

Aggregation all activities reduce work redundancies and distribute responsibilities

Customizable dashboards increase efficiency by adapting to user´s specific role in the production chain​​​​​​​
Integrated Task Management
In order to enhance an efficient hand in hand workflow with minimum breakout times we automated handovers with a seamless integrated task management. 

People can now easily manage their own and others´ tasks - get reminders on deadlines, keeping on track of all their todos and stay in sync with other team and collegues

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