Deutsche Telekom Product & Innovation

Deutsche Telekom wanted to demonstrate the capability of new learning technologies to accelerate learning skills in half the time of traditional classroom education.

4 months

My Role
Lead Product Designer & Product Manager (Frontend)

My Team
2 Designers

External team
2 PM Technical Feasability

I supported this project in the initial concept and design phase. When leaving the team, the CI department decided to align designs more closely to the corporate guidelines than it briefed before. Therefore the screens of this case study present an intermediate status of my work that did not come to the final implementation.

Reframing Problem
Essential the questions
Who are the user?
Everyone who wants to learn to learn the German language and culture. 

What is the company’s primary objective for this product? 
• Providing access to German language and culture
• Ease of use on mobile
• Offer a quick and easy to learn

What is the object of the users?
• Learn a little every day
• Quickly achieve a high level
• Be confident when speaking German
• To get confidence in everyday´s situations

What problem will be solved with this product?​​​​​​​
• Improve the method of teaching by implementing some means of gamification to help motivate the user
• Convince that the product is valid for everyone who wants to learn in a dynamic way

Refugees will use the app more often when combining language and cultural learning in one experience 

Gamification mechanism will increase learning engagement

Multi-stimuli learning experience will improve learning results massively and minimize learning time
How the app works
Learning by practicing everyday´s life situations
By using real world mappings users should experience situations from everyday life in interactive sessions. The app is optimized for daily and regular use. Bite-sized chapters can be finished in a few minutes. 

I designed the app with a flat hierarchy in order to track the progress easily. User can switch fast between the different chapters and enter for more deep-dives if needed. Gaming patterns increase motivation. For higher motivation different levels can be unlocked within the chapters.
Designing an intercultural learning experience 
The app uses a flexible framework for every exercises and uses multiple stimuli (visuals, audio, writing) to enhance the learning experience. 

Partnering with a usability lab, we tested various UI elements and patterns with a strong and simple visual language to ensure for all users an intercultural understanding. 

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